Rubber World

Medi rubber, as we aim to provide the highest quality service to our valued customers during the manufacture of our products. Our production line quality rubber pulp, has the capacity to meet your needs in the reclaimed rubber production.

Our production is made from recycled rubber. We are proud to contribute to the environment by producing with technology friendly to the environment.

We produce rubber varieties; Back rubber dough, Quality rubber dough, Refined rubber dough, Friction dough, Ramp chock.

Rubber dough is divided into 4; Friction dough, Sb dough, Naturel dough, Nitrile dough, Filling dough.

Rubber and rubber products processing dough can see on our site.

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Ramp chock, other names known in the market; lean wedge, wedge warehouse, body pads, rubber wedge resistance, shock mounts, loading ramp wedge, respectively.

The most important of the wedge ramp loading ramp accessories for logistics companies, in other words, warehouse chock manufacturing rubber manufacturing are produced in our factory with daily high volumes and impact resistant.

Retaining wedges, installation and maintenance can be done by us.

Warehouse chock, prevents damage to your ramp. Reasonable prices and our expert team are at your service 7 days.

Truck, trailer and body also protects the body wedge for TR and vans we produce in various sizes.



Quality rubber pulp; natural, unalloyed, long life.
Car tires, hoses, gaskets, belts, door and window profiles, ramp block, insulation materials, drinking water pipes and so on. quality, used to produce long-life products.